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NGWA McEllhiney Lecture 2015 - Ronald B. Peterson

The Adelaide leg of the NGWA McEllhiney Lecture Tour 2015.


Drilling Fluids: A Common Sense Approach- Ronald B. Peterson 

Learn how using the proper drilling fluid for a particular project is paramount to a successful job during Ronald B. Peterson’s lecture. Peterson’s presentation will briefly cover the evolution of the water well industry with emphasis on drilling fluids and grouts, and the progress that has been made over time as technology and the understanding of drilling fluids has

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to the:

  • Evolution of the water well industry
  • Importance of proper project planning and follow-through
  • Functions of a drilling fluid
  • Uses of bentonite focusing on its use as a basis for drilling fluids
  • Development of other drilling fluid additives and their use to enhance the fluid properties
  • Proper selection of a grout
  • Development of grouts, and the issues and limitations in placement and in attaining a competent well seal.

Peterson’s lecture will provide you with the basics for the proper planning, implementation, and follow-through of a well-designed drilling program with the goal of providing the best seal possible during the final well construction.

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